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Welcome To Vivid Video Design

Posted by admin on April 15, 2010
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How to make a Fantastic Website Video

Create a video that gets customers to take action

Learn how to make a video that sells 

♦ Be natural and intriguing

Create a powerful message 

If you don’t have video on your website you are missing out on the most powerful marketing tool available! If you have a website, you must have video.

Marketing research proves that your website visitor will be more engaged and interested when they can watch a video about you or about your business.

Competition on the web is getting fierce and you need every edge you can get.

When a person comes to your site and they can’t see or hear anything, they will go to the next site until they have an engaging experience.

How do you engage your customer and get them to take action? Video, of course.

Your website visitor becomes interested and learns something from you instantly.

Your website visitor instantly likes you and feels that they know you.

Your website visitor becomes a buyer because they have confidence in what you do.

To create and edit a great video you need a good video camera (not a flip cam), good lighting, a talented camera man, a great script and a powerful close.

Next you need editing with a great intro, music, great transitions and text that tells the customer what to do. Create a great offer at the end that makes them want more.

You can hire someone to write a script, shoot the scenes, then edit it, create music, find keywords so your video lands on search results, and then have an opt in that has an autoresponder that creates leads.

This sounds expensive. Most companies charge over $1000 for a simple 3 minute video. Video can be complicated and difficult. I know how to simplify the project. I have shot and edited over 200 videos.

Vivid Video Design can make it simple and amazingly affordable.

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